Integrated Environmental Sustainability Programs for Students

Suitable for students aged 7 to 21 with content tailored to each age group

OUR offers programs designed for learners of all ages with the goal of strengthening learning around sustainability with an integrated systems approach. Based on the concept of a holistic approach to ecology, it aims to demonstrate the integrated relationships between the provision of food, fibre and energy for human needs in an environmentally sustainable way.

Students have the opportunity to experience cob construction, animal husbandry, gardening and harvesting, cooking as well as understanding the theoretical principles behind this unique and worldwide approach to the global challenge of climate change.


The program will encourage the following outcomes:

• Explore issues of sustainability and best practices to actively seek solutions on both a local and global scale

• Encourage participants to share their own definition and perceptions on environmental protection and impact

• Equip participants with highly-transferable leadership skills to be agents of change within their own communities

• Guide participants in making a meaningful impact, locally and globally as environmental stewards

• Develop an awareness and understanding of a systemic approach to environmental practices through discussions, activities and volunteering

The curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics including:

• Green technology

• Ecosystems and human impact

• Environmental sustainability practices

• Introduction to global citizenship

• Leadership competencies

• Environmental management and practices

Note for bookings:

1. Minimum number of students is 12 for day programs and 8 for longer programs.

2. Group discounts are available. When you select the number of students, your price will be adjusted accordingly.

3. Payment is by credit card. If you would like to pay by another method, please call us to make a booking. 250-743-3067 or contact us.

ONE DAY   (lunch additional $10/day)


THREE DAY : (includes all meals, accommodation optional)


FIVE DAY: (includes all meals, accommodation optional)